How Do I Grow My Meetup Group?

Meeting Star group pages are indexed by all the big search engines, so anyone searching Google, Bing, etc. will be able to find your group by name. It takes a few weeks for a new group to be indexed, but the search engines will find it.

These are the best ways to draw attention to your group and grow your membership:

  • Make sure your group description contains the words people would use to search for you
  • Link to your group page from other places on the web
  • Share your group page via Facebook, Twitter, email, and other promotional channels
  • When you create a new event, share that too
  • Encourage your group members to help spread the word

The group and event pages have convenient Facebook and Twitter sharing buttons right on the page, so use those and make sure your group members know about them.

Meeting Star doesn’t offer a “browse all groups” function, as our focus is 100% on group organizers. We make it easy for group members to sign up and follow your group, and people will find your group from web searches, social network sharing, and word of mouth.