Meeting star offers all the essential meetup management features, so you can easily and effectively manage your group.  Our system is designed for organizers, backed by excellent customer service, and we take your feedback very seriously.  If there is anything you need, don’t hesitate to let us know.

A Clear Group Page

Your group has a dedicated page, which clearly displays your most important information: a description of group, and your upcoming events.  You can use your group description to link to all your other group items like your Facebook page, Slack channel, or sponsor information.  It’s an HTML block, so you can use it however you like.  You can also customize your Meeting Star group URL (e.g., https://meetingstar.io/PawneeGEO)


Your next scheduled event is prominently featured.  Users can also browse all of your upcoming events, as well as past events.  Each event has a unique URL so users can click through to view all the event details and to RSVP.  Social sharing is built in, so you and your followers can easily share the event information on Facebook or Twitter with a single click.  Attendees can RSVP with just an email and a click.

No-Login RSVPs

Anyone who is interested in your event can quickly and easily RSVP by simply entering their email address.  No need to log in or create an account.  We use Gravatar to display RSVP info, so user privacy is maintained.   If you have been managing your events on Facebook, you know how challenging it can be for your non-Facebook attendees.

Limiting Capacity and Wait Lists

It’s easy to set a limit on attendees for your event, if you want.  Wait list signup starts automatically when capacity is reached.  And, it’s easy to send an email or event reminder to everyone who signed up.

Group Subscribers

People can also subscribe to updates from the group.  They simply add their email address, and the group page displays their Gravatar.  You can download the subscriber list to CSV for import to Mailchimp et al, and you can also send simple email messages to your subscribers, right from Meeting Star.

Messaging and Emails

Organizers can send emails to group followers or people who have RSVP’d to a specific event.  Send group updates, event announcements, reminders, followup emails, or whatever you need.

Co-Organizing Made Simple

Add as many co-organizers as you want.  Every administrator gets a login, but your co-organizers are not required to pay any fees to participate.  Every group gets unlimited co-organizers.  Plus, organizers who manage multiple groups can easily switch between them.

Private Groups

If you want to restrict access to your group information, you either make it unlisted (not linked by search engines) or protected (requires a password).

Mobile Friendly

Every Meeting Star group and event page is easy to read and browse on any device.  Whether your users are on a PC, Mac, tablet, or phone.  They can easily see what’s happening and RSVP.

SEO Friendly

Your Meeting Star group is easily found by the major search engines.  Our sitemaps are continuously updated and our page structure highlights the important metadata for your group.  You can even customize your group URL.  No need to wonder whether you’ll show up in users’ search results!


If you need to pull your group or event information to another system, you can do that.  See our API documentation for details.

~ Want To See More?  You can check out our pricing, or see a sample Meeting Star account in action.  If you have questions, you can contact us. ~