Jiffy Events is a flexible, full-featured solution for online submissions and review.  Our cloud-based application makes it easy to collect, review, score, and select the top entries.  Whether you’re choosing speakers for a tech conference, reviewing abstracts for a scientific conference, or deciding who should receive this year’s industry award, Jiffy Events provides a delightful experience for both your audience and your review committee.

Our cloud-based submission and review software is organized and easy to use.

Our cloud-based submission and review software is organized and easy to use


Are you using spreadsheets and email?

We can save you hours of work, and improve the experience for your review committee.  Our modern, user-friendly interface provides flexible forms and scoring, custom notification workflows, and easy access for everyone.  No logins required, for submissions or review!

Online Submissions. We offer a flexible form builder, with multiple field types.  Capture as much or as little information as you need.  Public submissions are web-based, clean, and simple.  Your users don’t need to create an account or log in to submit.
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online submission software
Your clean, modern submission form is easy to use and customize.
Easy Committee Review. Our system gives you flexible scoring, unlimited reviewers, and a web-based scoring process that’s easy and delightful.  Your team will love it.
Crowdsourced Content. If you wish, you can provide public voting on your submissions.  You decide how many votes each person can use, and how many can be cast for each submission.  This feature is separate from the committee review feature, and is completely optional.
Messaging: System messages are customized for several parts of the process.  You can create custom messages in HTML format, for sending reviewers their individual scoring URLs, or for reminders (“Scoring closes soon!”).  Messages can be sent to individuals, or to groups (e.g., all reviewers).
Submission Download/Export:  A list of all submissions can be downloaded, which includes cumulative reviewer scores and attendee vote scores.  Detailed scoring data can also be downloaded.
Users: Each account can have additional user logins, so if you have several organizers who need administrative access, no problem.
online submission review scoring
Reviewer scoring is flexible and easy to use. Easily capture reviewer feedback, too!

Workflows: Various workflows can be created, in response to new submissions.  Add special user notifications, auto-assign to reviewers based on topics, and more.

Tags: Create your own tags, to organize submissions and streamline the review process.
Reports: Reports are available for submitted entries, review team status, individual reviewer status, top-rated submissions from public voting, and more.
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