PLEASE NOTE:  Meeting Star is not currently accepting new customers.  We have chosen to focus our limited development and support resources on a small number of existing customers, and we recommend DownToMeet and Groups Place as good, feature-rich alternatives for your group.  If you find the Meeting Star features are a particularly good fit for your group’s needs, we may be able to accommodate you.  Feel free to contact us with any questions.

Is It Free?

Meeting Star is 100% free and fully functional for groups up to 250.  (Compare that to 50 free followers on the big red platform.)  All features are available, including unlimited events, unlimited co-organizers, and sending email to your group.  Once your follower list reaches 250, you will be asked to pay an annual subscription of $49/year.

How Does This Compare To meetup.com™ ?

  • Meeting Star provides free group organizing up to 250 group members. (meetup.com™ is only 50.)
  • Larger Meeting Star groups cost $49/year. (meetup.com™ is a lot more, nearly $180/year.)
  • Meeting Star provides essential group and event management functions.  (meetup.com™ adds message boards, photos, and other related features.)
  • Meeting Star makes groups discoverable through SEO and social sharing. (meetup.com™ controls discoverability through recommendation algorithms, browsing, and user emails.)
  • For a comprehensive comparison, you can also see our article “Alernative to Meetup.com™“.

How Will People Find My Group?

Meeting Star focuses on good SEO and social sharing practices.  Your group and event pages will be available to all major search engines, so anyone searching for your type of group in Google, Bing, etc will certainly find you.  They also have convenient social sharing buttons right on the page.  See our article “How do I Grow my Meetup Group?” for a list of tips to help you expand your group and spread the word.

Is There a Mobile App?

There is no mobile app.  Meeting Star is 100% web-based, but is responsive in its design so the public group and event pages are very mobile-friendly.

Is It Secure?

The Meeting Star application (meetingstar.io) uses modern TLS/SSL security for all interactions on the app.  This site (getmeetingstar.com) does not, because it’s just the marketing/info site.

How About Other Languages / Character Sets?


Can I Make A Private Group?

We do not currently support private groups, but we are considering that as a future feature.  If you are interested in Meeting Star for a private group, please let us know.

Can My Group Members Suggest/Create Events?

No, only group organizers may create events.  With Meeting Star, communication from group members to admins is assumed to be established elsewhere (email, Slack, Facebook group, etc).

Can I List my Sponsors?

We recommend including your group’s sponsor information in your group description.  It’s easy to add and update. and it’s shown prominently on your group’s public page.

Can I Use It For Online/Virtual Events?

You betcha.

How Do I Delete/Close My Account?

Easy!  Just contact us and request to have your information removed.  We will remove it within 5 business days and send you a confirmation when it’s complete.  Be sure to include the email address you use on Meeting Star, as well as the name of any groups you manage.  If you are interested in our GDPR compliance status, you can read more on this page.

~ Want To See More?  You can check out our pricing, or see a sample Meeting Star account in action.  If you have questions, you can contact us. ~