How To Delete Your Group on™

Want to delete your™ account, but don’t know how?

These 5 simple steps will make deleting your account a breeze.  Before you start, make sure you have exported or copied all the information you want to save!  If you are planning to migrate to Meeting Star, contact us so we can help make sure you don’t lose any data.  Read more about using Meeting Star as an alternative to™

1.) Next to the “Schedule” button, click on the three dots, selecting “Step Down As Organizer”.

2.) A screen asking you to “Suggest A New Organizer” should appear. The first member, listed alphabetically, is checked by default. Be sure to remove the check mark next to that individual, and be sure no one else is selected. Once you are certain no one else has been automatically selected, the prompt on the red button should change from “next” to “skip”. Select “skip”.

3) After selecting “skip”, they will ask you why you are stepping down. While you’re welcome to let them know you’ve found a new love in Meeting Star, you don’t need to list anything at all (unless you want to). Continue on to the next screen.

4) A “Do you need help?” page should appear. Just click “Continue”.

5) You will now be on the “Are you sure” screen. Heck yes, I’m sure. Now, here’s where you have to be careful. Do NOT select the “Yes, I want to step down” button. Instead, click the blue text that says “delete the Meetup”.

Breathe deeply, smile, and make the move onto Meeting Star’s user-friendly platform.   Welcome to the bright side!