Meeting Star API

You can retrieve public group and event information from our system through our API.  We provide a REST interface to pull public group and event information.  You can use AJAX, curl, or your favorite HTTP request mechanism to submit requests to the API.  Data is returned in JSON format.

Be sure to use the domain “” in your API requests (not

There is some HTML and JS to get you started here on this JSFiddle.  Please be sure to review this page and get your own API key when setting things up in your system.

API Keys

In order to use the API, you will need an API key.  Please contact us if you need an API key and we will create it for you.  (We will be introducing API key management features in the Meeting Star admin interface in the future.)  Each API key is connected to a Meeting Star administrator account.  You can have more than one key.  Using your key, you may query group and event information for any public group.

To submit an API request, you send an HTTP(s) request to the server with a special header.  We use a simplified version of the Authorization/Bearer Token scheme.  Our scheme is different from the typical (e.g., oAuth) flow in that you do not need to submit a login request to the API before using it.  Just include your API key in the Authorization: Bearer header as follows:

Authorization: Bearer [YOUR_API_KEY]

Every API request must include this special header and your API key.  There are examples of adding the header in both PHP curl and jQuery AJAX requests on this page.  If you receive a 401 error in response to your request, you are either not including the header, or not using a valid API key.  Feel free to contact us for assistance.

API Methods

The API provides methods for retrieving public group and event information.  The following four methods are available.  Data is returned in JSON format.


This retrieves information about your group including title, location, description, shortcode, and subscriber count.  The group short code is the end of your public URL.  e.g., in the example group the short code is “PawneeGEO”.


This retrieves information about a single event including hash ID, title, description, location name/address, start time, duration, RSVP limit, and RSVP count.  The hash ID of the event is the event’s unique ID.  If you are viewing an event on the Meeting Star site, the last section of the URL is the event’s hash ID.


This retrieves a list (array) of future events for the given group.  Fields for each event are the same as in the event detail method.


This retrieves a list of past events for the given group.  Fields for each event are the same as in the event detail method.

What Is Not Available

Private and unlisted group information is not available via the API.  Updates to your group, event, and subscriber information are not not currently available through the API.

If you have questions that are not addressed here, or if there are additional API features you need, please let us know.